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Power Bank
Power Gear 7000EM 外置電池
- 最大輸 : 13W
- 電池 : 7000mAh@3.7V 聚合物鋰離子電池
- 防火物料+鋁合金外殼
- Micro 輸出 : DC5V - 2.4A max
- USB 輸出 : DC5V - 2.4A max
- Micro 輸入 : DC5V - 2.4A max
- 電源壽命 : 600 Cycle
- 安全保護 : 短路保護, 過充保護, 過放保護, 過熱保護, 過充保護
- 安全認證: FCC, CE, ROHS
HK$ 158.00

Top Glory Development Ltd is the fresh Hong Kong Company in telecommunication market but it was found since 10 years ago whom doing OEM business to the international and China domestic customer.
Top Glory (HK) Development Ltd
Room 301, 3/F., Fabrico Factory Building,
No. 79-84 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung,
N.T., Hong Kong

+852-39969384/ 39973158


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